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This is one of those finds that I’m *pretty* sure most people know about already, but since Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s father blew everyone’s mind when we shared that, here’s another one that y’all might not be aware of. You know Jennifer Morrison for her roles in Once Upon a Time, House, M.D., or maybe even that one season of How I Met Your Mother...but did you know she played Kirk’s mom, Winona Kirk, in the heart wrenching opening sequence of the 2009 Star Trek reboot?

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Jessica Walter, best known for her role in Arrested Development as Lucille Bluth, had a lengthy career before becoming the Bluth family matriarch (or head of ISIS, if you’re more of an Archer fan). Here she is in one of her four appearances on Murder, She Wrote

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Full disclosure: We don’t know what a “Big Time Rush” is, but apparently someone named Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush was in an episode of a show we do remember with great fondness: Phil of The Future, where he wore a tie and did a lot of pointing at things.

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Many thanks to jenny-elizabeth, who found a very young Eric Dane (aka Dr. Mark Sloane on Grey’s Anatomy) in his first ever (uncredited) role on television, in an episode of Saved By The Bell where he plays an obnoxious teenager from the rival country club to the one the SBTB gang is working at.

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Having jobs and doing boring stuff in the real world.

Max Carver, known for his role as one of the sexy, sexy alpha werewolf twins in MTV’s Teen Wolf, appeared without his brother in a season 6 episode of The Office.

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I Spy A Famous Face's Best of 2013 Round Up →

We were kind of MIA this year due to IRL time commitments, but we’ll try to be better at getting posts out to you guys in 2014! Happy new year!

  1. Riley Smith from Motocrossed in Christmas in Conway141 notes
  2. Christian Clemenson from Boston Legal and CSI: Miami in Golden Girls — 125 notes
  3. Jeremy Renner in Angel — 196 notes
  4. Sam Lloyd from Scrubs in Seinfeld51 notes
  5. Linda Cardellini from Freaks And Geeks and ER in the Scooby Doo movies — 101 notes
  6. Chris Messina from The Mindy Project in You’ve Got Mail 88 notes
  7. Ian Hart from Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone in My Mad Fat Diary250 notes
  8. Meghan Ory from Once Upon A Time in John Tucker Must Die — 75 notes
  9. JR Bourne from Teen Wolf in Josie and the Pussycats — 295 notes *
  10. Sean Murray from NCIS as Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus311 notes *

* These posts went up in 2012, but didn’t get traction until 2013 which is why they’re on the list. Enjoy!

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Max Greenfield is best known now as Schmidt on New Girl, but he also appeared in a season 2 episode of Castle, playing David Nicolaides, a guy who [spoiler alert] murdered his foster brother for having an affair with his girlfriend. Sounds like a moment for the douchebag jar to me. 

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Stephen Colbert’s cameo in “The Hobbit” as Laketown spy.

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Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in Frozen :)

In what has quickly become one of our favorite celebrity spottings, it is Tangled's Rapunzel and Eugene Flynn Rider at Coronation Day in Disney’s newest hit, Frozen! Even better, this was a surprise to Tangled’s co-director, Nathan Greno!

…how cool is that?! (see what we did there!)

Guys! There’s no way that I am the only one watching Christmas In Conway right now, right….? Well, there are plenty of famous faces in the movie BUT one you may not have caught is Riley Smith aka Tommy aka the beautiful Dean Talon from the DCOM Motocrossed (top)!

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Before playing “Jerry Espenson” on Boston Legal and “Tom Loman” on CSI:Miami, Christian Clemenson tried to take advantage of Golden Girls by selling them a very expensive insurance policy on the very funny episode “Break in”.

Great find, marionto!

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Iain Glen, known for his role as Ser Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones, had a brief run on Downton Abbey as Sir Richard Carlisle, Lady Mary Crawley’s fiance.

Wonderful find, a-cup-of-loneliness!

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