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The casting people for Parenthood clearly LOVE Friday Night Lights (who can blame them?) due to the amount of FNL alum on the show. But here we have Derek Phillips aka Billy Riggins playing Crosby’s friend/best man Billy! Coincidence…?

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This is Bryan Cranston. He did voices of “Power Rangers” monsters.

After keeping Neptune safe as Sherrif Keith Mars on Veronica Mars, Enrico Colantoni appeared as a night security guard in a 2010 episode of Bones. The episode also starred former Veronica Mars alum Francis Capra as a suspect.

Thanks, thetenthweasley!

Sam Witwer is most famously know for his role as one of the main characters in Being Human (US). But those of you re-watching Angel season 4 (episode 18) with a keen eye, might have spotted him as John Stoler, a dude trying to kill a higher being who is later admitted to the psychiatric ward.

Thanks, im-on-the-pursuit-of-happiness43!

He’s more than one of our favorite dads on television, Glee’s Mike O’Malley also appears in Parenthood!

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Before becoming a lawyer at Sacred Heart Hospital (and also part of an amazingly talented a cappella band), Sam Lloyd was also acreepy subway guy, obsessed with Elaine in an episode Seinfeld.

Great find, fantasticmisterwoodrow!

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Before playing Maya St. Germain, the [late] love interest for Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, Bianca Lawson played a cryptic suspect on a 2009 episode of Bones

Thanks for another great find (and submission!!!!), thetenthweasley!

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Before solving medical mysteries on ER, Linda Cardellini was solving another type of mystery in the 2002 live-action movie Scooby Doo. She also reprised her role in the sequel Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed!

Great find (and flawless submission!!!!!), thetenthweasley!

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With all of the interviews going on to promote Spring Breakers, it seems like many of you have already seen Pretty Little Liar Ashley Benson expressing her love for The OC and talking about her short role on the show in season four. That’s where we come in…here’s Ashley Benson (and her flawless hair) in The OC!

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Ladies and Gents, we are pleased to introduce you to Once Upon A Time's Robin Hood! Miranda's Tom Ellis made a brief appearance in the 2x19 promo and completely stole the screen with his amazingness! 

Thanks for screencapping, fuckingcaptainhook!

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A very young Lacey Chabert (from Mean Girls) and Elisabeth Moss (from Mad Men) were the younger versions of half-sisters June and Louise, respectively, in the 1993 Made for TV movie musical of Gypsy, starring Bette Midler!

Incredible find, btstrawn!

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Chris Messina can currently be seen as the adorable Danny Castellano on the The Mindy Project. But one of our amazing followers spotted him in You’ve Got Mail as a sales clerk at Fox Books. Meg Ryan’s character helps him spell out an author’s name another customer is looking for. 

Thanks, wuuuuuuurds!

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By now most of Tumblr has discovered the amazingness that is My Mad Fat Diary, meaning that most of you all secretly wish you could talk your problems out with Dr. Kester Gill aka Ian Hart. But did you know that the wise and supportive Kester also played Prof. Quirrell in Harry Potter?

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In 1998 Comedy Bang Bang's Reggie Watts made his first credited television appearance in an episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy. Yes, that ‘fro is real. We just wonder if he ran into Joel McHale on set…

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Guys, Guys, Guys! While most of you were probably thrilled to see Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk show up in tonight’s episode of The Office (top), how many of you spotted Michael Weston (bottom left)?! You may recognize him as Private Brian Dancer (bottom right) from Scrubs.

Thanks Jimbo, this was a team effort!

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