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"Is that Rita Morgan on a date with Eric Matthews?" and other familiar faces in lesser known roles.

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Apparently Amy Adams has been Charmed as well as Enchanted - the actress was in an early episode of the TV series as the “unluckiest woman in San Francisco” who is in fact being targeted by a darklighter. 

Another amazing submission from Xia!

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We’ve seen Alexander Gould (aka Shane Botwin from Weeds) looking adorable many times before, but now he’s popped up in an episode of Ally McBeal!

Awesome find, flashzach!

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Where’s Wallace?! There he is, on Burn Notice. Michael B. Jordan (of The Wire and Friday Night Lights) was also in an episode as a football player who ran into trouble with a local gang, needing super-spy Michael Westen to bail him out.

Another great find, Hal!

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I never thought I would hear Suburgatory’s Jane Levy talk about being “finger banged”. Then I started watching Shameless

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Anyone who watched the SAG Awards tonight saw the talented and funny Jennifer Lawrence win a much deserved award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. But more importantly, you also heard her mention her first acting role in a My Super Sweet Sixteen commercial when she was 14. Well here you have it folks, the commercial that launched the amazing Jennifer Lawrence’s acting career! Thank you, MTV.

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Ginnifer Goodwin isn’t the only Once Upon A Time star recently spotted by our amazing followers! Here’s Meghan Ory aka Red/Ruby as one of John Tucker’s many girlfriends in John Tucker Must Die.

Great find, foreverthecupcakequeen and yours-inhaste!

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Before becoming a princess as Once Upon A Time's Snow White, Ginnifer Goodwin also appeared as Cathy Feely in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!?

Magical find, reemdify!

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Awww some things are just meant to be! Before playing Al Borland and Trudy McHale on Home Improvement, they each played an animal control officer on different shows. Richard Karn on Boy Meets World and Megan Cavanagh on Friends!

Great find fayejay!

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As you await the return of Breaking Bad, Malcolm In The Middle is a great show to turn to for your Bryan Cranston fix. Plus, there’s the added bonus of seeing Dakota Fanning in episode 2x13!

Great find colormyworldcmyk!

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You know him as the kid who sees dead people, but before making it big with his role in The Sixth SenseHaley Joel Osment was seeing Bigfoot in a Pizza Hut commercial!

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You may recognize the man on the left, Taylor Kinney, as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire, Lady Gaga’s boyfriend or Uncle Mason from The Vampire Diaries and the man on the right, Erik von Detten, from the Princess Diaries or for his voice acting as Sid in Toy Story, but you probably didn’t know that they were in an episode of Bones together! Now you do!

Great find jsssy!

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Does this girl look a tad familiar? Well, call her “Maeby” because here’s Arrested Development's Alia Shawkat appearing in an episode of The League where she dates Taco.  Now that’s a huge mistake.

Thanks, Hal!

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I will go to my grave insisting that Josie and the Pussycats is one of the most underrated teen movies of all time. And here is a sentence in which I’ll pretend I don’t also secretly enjoy MTV’s Teen Wolf reboot. And here is a sentence for people who fall smack in the center of the Teen Wolf/Josie and the Pussycats fandom venn diagram: JR Bourne, who plays werewolf hunter Chris Argent in Teen Wolf is the owner of a shop selling things that are orange in Josie and the Pussycats


Adam Scott plays flawless human being Ben Wyatt, writer of Star Trek fanfiction, on Parks and Recreation, but back in 1996, he had a role that would make Ben Wyatt jealous: conn officer on the USS Defiant in Star Trek: First Contact

Thanks to darkgob and Katey for sending this in!

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Anonymous asked: This blog is amazing. Mainly because I can only imagine the famous celebs seeing this and thinking: OMG CALL MY AGENT WHERE DID THEY FIND THAT I THOUGHT I BANISHED IT TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL

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