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There are two things you should take away from this post. 1) Batteries Not Included* is a fantastic movie starring real-life Hollywood couple Jessica Tandy and and Hume Cronyn that takes an absurd, comical premise and gives it more heart and love than you’ll ever see coming, and 2) Luis Guzmán makes an uncredited appearance in a crowd in the background at the end of the film. 

You might recognize David Harewood best as David Estes, [spoiler redacted] Director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center on Showtime’s Homeland, but while rewatching Doctor Who: The End of Time last night, I shouted “OH SHIT!” at my TV screen (and probably scared the crap out of my neighbors) when he appeared as Joshua Naismith, the billionaire who helped to resurrect The Master. But seriously though, at this point there are so many Brits on Homeland you could tell me Mandy Pantinkin is a North London native and I’d probably believe you. 


SPOILER ALERT — The trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was released today, raising some big questions about the film like, “Who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing? Is it Khan? I hope it’s Khan. No wait, maybe I don’t. Maybe he’s Gary Mitchell! Ahhh, I don’t know, just tell me who he is already!!!” and, “Did you see the bonus scene in the Japanese trailer? I almost cried!” but the one question we’re sure EVERYONE is wondering about has yet to be asked so we’ll just go ahead and ask it ourselves…is Tyler Perry going to be in this movie too? Tyler Perry’s U.S.S. Enterprise, anyone? Anyone? 

Anyone that wasn’t fully captivated by Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer or any of the other beautiful men in Magic Mike, may recognize Cody Horn as Brooke, the girl with the annoying laugh. However, before joining Magic Mike, she was working at Dunder Mifflin in three episodes of The Office!

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Back in 1997 Mike Hagerty could be seen dancing with Joey on the rooftop in Friends, but you may have also seen him in the Thanksgiving episode of The Mindy Project! I wonder how things turned out between him and Marge.

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Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley appeared alongside Amanda Bynes in the hit film, Easy A, but they were also seen together in an episode of What I Like About You.

Great find, stinsonatibrohio! xoxo, Gossip Girl.

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Ok, so it’s not necessarily spotting a famous face, as much as it is spotting a wildly famous guest star, but on this lovely Thanksgiving Thursday let’s all take a moment to be thankful for the amazing Thanksgiving episode of Friends starring none other than Brad Pitt. Now go throw on your maternity pants, tackle your Everest, hope for a moral victory for the Green Bay Mermen and enjoy some Complex Carbohydrates with friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!

(And 10 points for anyone who got all those Friends references, you’re awesome.)

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This Thanksgiving we are thankful for what we can only assume is t0t3zad0rbz's recent decision to watch all of Numb3rs, for it has provided us with a lot of great famous face sightings! Here we have Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother spotted portraying a mathematician, whose daughter has been kidnapped in season 1, episode 6, “Prime Suspect”.

Thanks again, t0t3zad0rbz!

And a big “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of you lovely followers!

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Paul Wesley may be having a rough time emotionally as Stefan Salvatore in the current season of The Vampire Diaries, but at least his hair is better than it was in his role in Roll Bounce. This gem of a movie is set in the 70’s (BUT WAIT…there’s more!), it also stars Lil’ Bow Wow and Nick Cannon!

Wonderful find, truffleshuffle12!

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From doctor to taxi driver, it’s Marshall Manesh aka Ranjit from How I Met Your Mother working at Sacred Heart in Scrubs alongside guest star Heather Graham

EAAAAAAAGLE for this great find, auraoupa!

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If you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy, you probably recognize Christopher Douglas Reed as Filthy Phil, but how many of you remember him getting kicked in the nuts by Penny on the Big Bang Theory as Todd Zarnecki?  

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Emily Thorne’s backstory just got a little bit more confusing…before joining the cast of Revenge as Amanda Clarke, Margarita Levieva was spotted alongside Jesse Eisenberg as Lisa P. in Adventureland. My, my, my, how will Victoria Grayson react to this one?

Great find, jhelenm!

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Chi McBride, probably best known as Private Investigator Emerson Cod in Pushing Daisies, made a cameo as Craig the prison guard in a season 5 episode of Psych.

Thanks, colleennicole93!

You know him best as the Vice President of America, but back in 1993 then-Senator Joe “America’s Happiest Warrior” Biden made an inexplicable appearance on Carmen Sandiego

[Daily Intel via BuzzFeed

Before showing the world her amazing singing/dancing talents in Pitch Perfect, befriending Bella in Twilight, or impressing George Clooney in Up In The Air, Anna Kendrick appeared in the film Camp.

Great find, mllejeune!

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