1. "Before he was the immensely watchable Pete Campbell on Mad MenVincent Kartheiser appeared as a lovestruck Beat-inspired photographer named Snake in another 1960s-era period piece: the awesome and under-appreciated teen film All I Wanna Do!

    All I Wanna Do! is about girls trying to keep their boarding school from going co-ed, and the cast is fantastic. The object of Vincent’s affection was Monica Keena, of Dawson’s Creek, Undeclared and Entourage fame, and her classmates were played by Gaby Hoffman, Kirsten Dunst, Heather Matarazzo, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Merritt Weaver (currently stealing scenes on Nurse Jackie). 

    And watch the film! It’s hilarious and feminist and awesome, and I am currently campaigning for the resurgence of Gaby Hoffman’s career. She rules.”

    —Submitted in great detail by fatgirlinohio.

    Other famous faces seen here: Shawn Ashmore, Hayden Christiansen, and Matthew Lawrence.


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      Here I am watching Now and Then wondering why Samantha looks soooo familiar. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks: she...
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      I LOVE THIS MOVIE. My mom rented it for me back when I was in, like, 8th grade. It’s SOOOOO good.
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