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It’s The Doctor and The Doctor! Christopher Eccleston, best known as the Ninth Doctor in the Doctor Who series, played the villain Destro alongside barely-visible Joseph Gordon Levitt (who’s character was, incidentally, also called “The Doctor”) in the laughably awful G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.

[Rebecca’s Note: Have you guys seen this movie? Do you remember the part where they blow up the icebergs and the ice *sinks* into the ocean? Oh, science.]

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    No I was too busy figuring out who was sleeping with who. I mean.. That was the plot right?
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    My brother and I watched this yesterday only because Christopher Eccelston is in it. It’s. So. BAD!D
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    Christopher, my love, you look so much like a new york mobster that it’s disturbing me. XD
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    OMG i hated this film. But i rewatched it just to enjoy these two awesome people.
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    LOL, a flailed so hard in the theatre when I recognized these two.
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