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It’s hard virtually impossible to top his appearance on Bill Nye The Science Guy, but here’s a screenshot from Joel McHale’s less than 10 second long appearance in a season 3 episode of Will & Grace.


I didn’t know that Donald Glover also (first?) acted on 30 Rock; that’s definitely him (credited as Donald Glover II) playing “Young P.A.” on episode 1x05, which is also the episode on which “Muffin Top” debuted. Have I mentioned recently how much I love screen-capturing things?

Streets behind! Before joining the casts of Mad Men and Community, Alison Brie appeared in an episode of famous-family-ruining Disney Channel juggernaut, Hannah Montana.

You know Joel McHale as the lovable host of The Soup as well as the arrogant and sarcastic Jeff Winger in Community, but before either of these roles came along he was a defendant accused of drinking the prosecutor’s hot chocolate in a suspenseful episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy, back in 1998.

Editor’s Note: The video is definitely worth watching, click here to watch.

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