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Awww some things are just meant to be! Before playing Al Borland and Trudy McHale on Home Improvement, they each played an animal control officer on different shows. Richard Karn on Boy Meets World and Megan Cavanagh on Friends!

Great find fayejay!

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Back in 1997 Mike Hagerty could be seen dancing with Joey on the rooftop in Friends, but you may have also seen him in the Thanksgiving episode of The Mindy Project! I wonder how things turned out between him and Marge.

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Ok, so it’s not necessarily spotting a famous face, as much as it is spotting a wildly famous guest star, but on this lovely Thanksgiving Thursday let’s all take a moment to be thankful for the amazing Thanksgiving episode of Friends starring none other than Brad Pitt. Now go throw on your maternity pants, tackle your Everest, hope for a moral victory for the Green Bay Mermen and enjoy some Complex Carbohydrates with friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!

(And 10 points for anyone who got all those Friends references, you’re awesome.)

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Most of us probably know her from Close Encounters, Tootsie, Dumb & Dumber, and as Phoebe’s Mom in Friends, but in 1997, Teri Garr played a bit role on Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a “Witch Yenta.” 

Magical find, unbridged77!

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OH MY GAWWDDDD! Here’s Maggie Wheeler on the The X-Files! She played a Buffalo, NY Police Detective, a far cry from our beloved Janice. Even if she didn’t look just like she did when she filmed Friends, though, anyone would have recognised her from her voice!

Thanks for the submission, billy-jean-the-killer-queen!

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Melora Hardin, who you probably know as Jan on The Office, appeared in an episode of Friends (The One With The Stoned Guy) as Celia, a woman seeing Ross who is really into dirty talk. Still don’t remember her? Maybe you’ll remember her by her nickname, “The Bug Lady,” after her job as the curator of insects at the museum where Ross works. 


Thanks, thebigbeautiful!

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Ron Glass (Shepard Book in the Joss Whedon cult hits Firefly and Serenity) played Ross’s divorce lawyer in two episodes of Friends (The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel and The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance).

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Here Dan Bucatinsky plays an impatient waiter on Friends' “The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner”….bitch. (10 points to anyone that got the reference!) It's appropriate that he should be on a Phoebe-centric episode, as he now co-stars/writes/produces Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow. They must be pals, because he also exec-produced/co-starred Kudrow’s heartbreakingly short-lived The Comeback.

Great find, rklinde!

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Although Joey wouldn’t even let Emma sleep with Hugsy (Joey’s stuffed penguin) on Friends, it looks like somehow Hugsy found his way into Cory and Topanga’s apartment in Boy Meets World.

Amazing and creative find, nessanenharma!

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Dakota Fanning (Twilight, The Runaways, War of the Worlds, etc.) played Mackenzie, the little girl that died like 30 years ago in the house that Chandler and Monica bought in the final season of Friends

Great find, melb4au!

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In 2010 Tom Conti warned us of the dangers of black ice when he appeared in his best Christmas tinsel as Miranda’s father in the Miranda Christmas special. If you thought he looked familiar, that’s because you might remember him from his brief role as Emily’s father at Ross & Emily’s ill-fated wedding on Friends

Thanks to LauraDeSantis for this one!

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Kevin Rahm has been seen most recently as Lee McDermott on Desperate Housewives but he has also appeared on Mad Men as Ted Chaough (a man working for a rival firm), on Grey’s Anatomy as Mr. Duff (a patient in season 1 who claimed to be psychic), and on Friends as Monica’s helpless sous-chef on whom Phoebe develops a crush.

Thanks for the submission, toomuchtvtofunction! Your username explains a lot about this post. ^_~

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Long after working as an original cast member on Saturday Night Live, Laraine Newman returned to NBC to play Mrs. Buffay, the mother of Phoebe’s half brother Frank Jr. in the Friends episode “The One with the Bullies.”

Thanks, thegreenhighlighter!

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A very young, very brunette Lisa Kudrow (Friends, The Comeback, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion) made her sitcom debut in 1989 with an appearance in a season 8 episode of Cheers as Emily, Woody Harrelson’s scene partner in a production of Our Town.

Thanks to fellow Phroth alums Nate and Hal who both submitted this one!

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Sasha Alexander, best known as Agent Caitlin Todd in NCIS or Dr. Maura Isles in Rizzoli & Isles (or as we call it, "Rizoozoo and Izoozloo"), was in an episode of Friends called “The One With Joey’s Interview” where she interviews Joey on behalf of Soap Opera Digest.

Thanks, musicallity!

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