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Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley appeared alongside Amanda Bynes in the hit film, Easy A, but they were also seen together in an episode of What I Like About You.

Great find, stinsonatibrohio! xoxo, Gossip Girl.

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ISAFF FourferQuadfer? Let’s stick with an “ISAFF Fourfer”! One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz (top left), Bart Bass from Gossip Girl aka Robert John Burke (top right), My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Michael Constantine (bottom left) and Criminal Minds star, Joe Mantegna all appeared in Stephen King’s 1996 thriller, Thinner. The movie is about a man cursed by a gypsy to “lose weight…and lose weight…and lose weight…” You can thank IMDB for such a wonderful synopsis.  

These finds are thanks to your ISAFF editors and Hannah’s awesome roommate, Kate.

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Gossip Girl here…looks like Blair Waldorf’s mom aka Margaret Colin previously appeared in Independence Day! Happy 4th of July! 

Great find, jenniferdulac!

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Kelly Rutherford is currently living life as Lily van der Woodsen (Serena’s mom) on Gossip Girl but 12 years ago, life wasn’t as good. In fact, she looks semi miserable during the opening scene of Scream 3.  

Great find, herearethingsilike!

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Years before he appeared on Gossip Girl or Revenge, Connor Paolo played a sadistic young rapist on Law & Order: SVU in 2002.

Wonderful find, amala83!

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Known as Charlie Rhodes/Ivy Dickens in Gossip GIrl, Kaylee DeFer made a very brief appearance in How I Met Your Mother as Ted’s ex’s (played by Rachel Bilson) new girlfriend.

Nice find, majamariex!

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Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame (or Firefly fame for the more nerdily inclined) was in several season 8 episodes of ER, as Abby’s abused neighbor.

Bonus: A much younger- and hipper-looking Matthew Settle (Rufus Humphrey from Gossip Girl!) was Abby’s wife-abusing neighbor in several season 8 episodes of ER

Thanks for two more absolutely awesome submissions, Xia! We’re glad you’re enjoying rewatching the series.

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At the end of the second season of Gossip Girl, while Serena was sitting in jail and then enjoying prom (just like a normal teenager!), her mother Lily had a series of minor celebrity-filled flashbacks to her days as a runaway teenager in LA in the mid 80’s. Lily was played by none other than Brittany Snow from Hairspray and American DreamsLily’s mother was played by Cynthia Watros from LOST, her sister was played by Krysten Ritter from Breaking Bad, and her sister’s boyfriend was played by the very nicely dressed Ryan Hansen, who most of you know from Party Down or this fire safety video from That’s So Raven.

Excellent submission, sarahkathleen!

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Sam Page currently stars in Mad Men as Joan’s husband, Dr. Greg Harris. He also played Bree’s stepson Sam on Desperate Housewives and a love interest to Serena named Colin Forrester on Gossip Girl.

Triple points for this trifecta, toomuchtvtofunction

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Depending on your viewing preferences, Desmond Harrington is either known as Joey Quinn from Dexter (left), or conniving uncle Jack Bass on Gossip Girl (far right). 

Another amazing submission, Xia!

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Before Penn Badgley and Kaylee Defer locked lips on Gossip Girl, they shared some chemistry on the short-lived WB series The Mountain.

Amazing find, wovenwanderlust!

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Before rocking the streets of Manhattan as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen appeared as the sweet and generous Cindy-Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Thanks for the submission, staceface91!

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Wallace Shawn, aka Vizzini from The Princess Bride, is also Cyrus Rose, Blair Waldorf’s stepfather on “Gossip Girl”. Inconceivable! (Bonus points: he makes a Princess Bride reference in season 4, episode 21!) 

Thanks for the submission, Xia!

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Damnnnnn! Looks like all that Perkisizing really worked out! Aaron Schwartz is known by many as Gerry from the 90’s Judd Apatow movie, Heavy Weights, and you may recognize him from a recent role on Gossip Girl but most recently, he appeared as “Interviewee #1” in the first episode of Suits.

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There is no way that Jessica Szohr's character Vanessa from Gossip Girl could ever be seen in this lovely outfit Jessica wore in an episode of That’s So Raven.

Great submission, amourclairedelune!

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