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This is one of those finds that I’m *pretty* sure most people know about already, but since Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s father blew everyone’s mind when we shared that, here’s another one that y’all might not be aware of. You know Jennifer Morrison for her roles in Once Upon a Time, House, M.D., or maybe even that one season of How I Met Your Mother...but did you know she played Kirk’s mom, Winona Kirk, in the heart wrenching opening sequence of the 2009 Star Trek reboot?

Thanks, whatever-you-do-smile-and-twirl!

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for what we can only assume is t0t3zad0rbz's recent decision to watch all of Numb3rs, for it has provided us with a lot of great famous face sightings! Here we have Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother spotted portraying a mathematician, whose daughter has been kidnapped in season 1, episode 6, “Prime Suspect”.

Thanks again, t0t3zad0rbz!

And a big “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of you lovely followers!

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From doctor to taxi driver, it’s Marshall Manesh aka Ranjit from How I Met Your Mother working at Sacred Heart in Scrubs alongside guest star Heather Graham

EAAAAAAAGLE for this great find, auraoupa!

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Typecasting, much? Marshall Manesh is known for playing the cab driver Ranjit in How I Met Your Mother, but did you know that he also appeared as a cab driver in Madonna’s “Hung Up” music video?

(Other things that Marshall Manesh has played a cab driver in: Pacific Blue, The Last Producer, The Florist, Raise Your Voice, Persons Unknown, and the currently in-production Afternoon Delight. Way to be racist, Hollywood.)

Nice find, letshavesomefunhere!

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How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor has surely had his fair share of fun nights out with Barney Stinson, but I don’t know that any of them can compare with the fun he seems to be having with Barney (yes, the big purple dinosaur) as a dancing waiter in Barney’s Great AdventureBonus: the whole hour long video is on YouTube! Feel free to skip to about 52:52 to see a dancing waiter version of Ted Evelyn Mosby. 

Stupendous find, daninoz!

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Danny Strong probably seems like quite the familiar face at this point, after his various small(ish) roles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (as Jonathan Levinson), Gilmore Girls (as Doyle McMaster), How I Met Your Mother, and Mad Men (as Danny Siegel).

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We’ve been putting off posting this because it’s almost impossible to get a clear screencap, but huzzah! A wild gif appeared! We all love Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce, we’ve seen her dance alongside Beyonce and we’ve spotted her in The White Tie Affair's “Candle (Sick and Tired)” music video. But here is perhaps her biggest accomplishment: she was a suit dancer in the amazing Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit dance number on How I Met Your Mother. (In the same episode as Stacy Kiebler!)

Thank you so much to corrieo for submitting this! We had tried and tried and couldn’t find a clear screencap/gif so clearly you are the best for submitting one and we love you. <3

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You may recognize Bill Fargerbakke (far right) as Marvin Eriksen Sr., Marshal’s amazing father on How I Met Your Mother but he actually has a role that many more of you may be familiar with and not even know it. He’s the voice of Patrick Star in Spongebob Squarepants!

Amazing find how-to-escape, let’s go jelly fishing to celebrate!

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teatran asked: I thought yall would appreciate this - remember how back in the day someone submitted Jim Rash (Community) as the vice principal from Phil of the Future but it was actually J. P. Manoux? In the recent Community episodes, J.P. Manoux played the dopplerdean and when he was being caught, he mentioned that he was a Moby impersonator... Who the cast of How I Met Your Mother thought he was in the episode of The Limo. Not really a spotting, just a giant connection.)

This is a little too complicated to do as a full post but it’s pretty cool, and since we’ve already mentioned the Jim Rash/JP Manoux connection before, here’s a screencap of JP Manoux on HIMYM where he played “Not Moby”.

Thanks, teatran!

Cobie Smulders is being plastered all over theater screens right now as Agent Maria Hill in The Avengers, and you’ve seen her for years as Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother, but did you now that she once tried to kill an ex as Sarah Webb on the show Tru Calling?

Great submission, safetypinndsally!

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In addition to series regular Alyson Hannigan (Buffy's Willow Rosenberg), the season one finale of How I Met Your Mother features two other Whedonverse stars: Amy Acker (Winifred Burkle and Illyria on Angel), is Penelope, the girl who teaches Ted a rain dance, and Alyson Hannigan’s real-life husband Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Pryce) appeared as Sandy Rivers, Robin’s annoying co-anchor. 

Thanks, theexpectationofliving!

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Cobie Smulders aka How I Met Your Mother's Robin Scherbatsky played a lesbian glass artist in season 2 of The L Word…is this real life or a figment of Barney Stinson’s imagination?

Legen—wait for it—dary find, zooboomafool!

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Abigail Spencer may be most recognizable from her six episodes as Miss Farrell (Sally’s teacher and another one of Don’s mistresses) on Mad Men (top), but luckily she had some practice at playing a crazy woman on a TV show. She was also Blahblah in an episode of How I Met Your Mother (bottom) where she was used to introduce the now beloved Hot/Crazy Scale.

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How I Met Your Mother and Pretty Little Liars both had crazy episodes this week but they have even more than that in common… while at first Ned (middle) may just look like the college-aged Josh Radnor that we usually see in HIMYM, he is actually played by PLL’s Brendan Robinson aka Lucas!

Awesome submission, fuckyeahloren! -A

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If television were the mob, Law and Order would be what makes you a made man. (The narc? Totally Dateline.) Here’s Josh Radnor, better known as Ted Mosby (architect) from How I Met Your Mother, in a 2002 episode called “Access Nation.” He hasn’t aged at all. Seriously, are we sure this guy isn’t Dorian Gray? Someone check his portrait collection.  

Thanks, justwatchingtb!

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