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Daniel Dae Kim (LOST, Hawaii Five-0) is one of Buzzfeed’s 34 people you probably didn’t know were on Seinfeld

When did he first appear: The Burning (1998).
Who did he play: Student #1.
Memorable Moment: Guessing Kramer’s gonorrhea.

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It’s funny that Lost's Tania Raymonde was in Maroon 5’s “I Won’t Go Home Without You” music video considering that she was stuck on the island and couldn’t go home even if she wanted to.

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Beth Broderick went from Sabrina Spellman’s Aunt Zelda to Kate Austen’s mom on Lost

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You might recognize Holland Roden as the super-smart, absolutely fabulous, little-bit-crazy, and werewolf immune teenager Lydia Martin from MTV’s Teen Wolf reboot, but if you’re a fan of LOST, you knew her first as a young Emily Locke (played as a grown up by Pushing Daisies' Swoosie Kurtz).

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Elizabeth Mitchell, Juliet on Lost, is nearly unrecognizable in an episode of House where she plays Sister Mary Augustine, a nun with a horrible haircut and a compromised immune system.

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Just in time for the Season 5 premier of Breaking Bad, here is Hank Schrader himself (Dean Norris) as one of Miles’ clients on the Season 5 episode of Lost, “Some Like it Hoth.”

Don’t forget to watch season 5 of Breaking Bad on July 15 at 10pm on AMC (or online for you Dish customers)!

Great find, Hal!

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Josh Holloway and Sam Anderson weren’t the only LOST actors to appear on Angel! Here’s Daniel Dae-Kim (also known for his role as Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-0) as Gavin Park, the rival to Lilah Morgan.

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We’ve already found one LOST actor (Josh Holloway) on Angel, but here’s Sam Anderson, aka Bernard Nadler, playing Holland Mathers.

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Swoosie Kurtz can be seen these days on Mike & Molly, but you may remember her better as the eyepatch wearing Lily Charles on the unfortunately short lived Pushing Daises. Swoosie’s got a track record of playing truly excellent mother figures — remember when she appeared in LOST as Locke’s mother? Eesh. 

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Fredric Lehne (sometimes credited as Fredric Lane) has the unforgettably chilling face of Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon who spurred the Winchesters into a lifetime of battling evil on Supernatural, but he was also Marshal Edward Mars, the guy who spurred Kate into years of running away on LOST.

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Daniel Dae Kim, best known for those amazing cheek bones and his roles on Lost and/or the re-vamped Hawaii Five-0, also popped up occasionally throughout several seasons of ER as a Child Protection Services social worker.

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I spy famous numbers! We all know that many Lost viewers also enjoy the new show Alcatraz but you may have missed 4 8 15 16 23 making a sneaky appearance in last night’s episode!

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He’s most known for singing about not wanting to be an American Idiot, but in 2002, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong played a ghostly betting man named Irv Kratser alongside his good friend Matthew Fox (Lost) in an episode of Haunted that remains unaired in the U.S.

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I spy a famous airline! Attention, passengers flying Oceanic Airlines on last night’s episode of Up All Night: your airline of choice has a reputation for a, hmm, how to put this delicately? A…less than stellar flying history, especially on flights from Sydney to LA on shows called LOST.

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Patrick J. Adams is slowly popping up everywhere! Last time we spotted him on Pretty Little Liars, but here’s the Suits star in an episode of Lost as Peter Talbot, a man from Locke’s past. BUT WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN?

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