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Oh this is adorableMatt Bomer, best known for playing suave conman Neal Caffrey on White Collar and for being criminally underused in Magic Mike, once modeled for the cover of a book about gay youth called Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez. BRB, heading to Amazon and ordering this immediately…

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Anyone that wasn’t fully captivated by Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer or any of the other beautiful men in Magic Mike, may recognize Cody Horn as Brooke, the girl with the annoying laugh. However, before joining Magic Mike, she was working at Dunder Mifflin in three episodes of The Office!

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Having seen Magic Mike, we had some trouble recognizing this guy with so many clothes on, but sure enough, that’s Joe Manganiello (True Blood) in the background of Harry’s funeral scene at the end of the hilarious comedy movie Spider-man 3. And yes, we realize he was in the other Spiderman movies as Flash Thompson but we didn’t spot him in this one until this quick scene at the end!

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