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This Thanksgiving we are thankful for what we can only assume is t0t3zad0rbz's recent decision to watch all of Numb3rs, for it has provided us with a lot of great famous face sightings! Here we have Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother spotted portraying a mathematician, whose daughter has been kidnapped in season 1, episode 6, “Prime Suspect”.

Thanks again, t0t3zad0rbz!

And a big “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of you lovely followers!

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David Krumholtz (top), best known as either genius Charlie Eppes in Numb3rs or Bernard the Elf in The Santa Clause depending on who you ask, was also a schizophrenic patient in several season 6 episodes of ER who eventually stabs Carter and Lucy. 

His wife was played by none other than Liza Weil (bottom), who is known for being Rory Gilmore’s Type-A friend Paris Geller in Gilmore Girls.

Thanks to Xia for another great post. We hope she’s enjoying re-watching all of ER as much as we’re enjoying these submissions. 

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David Krumholtz is most commonly known from Numb3rs and The Santa Claus but he also appeared in The Addams Family Values back in 1993.

Great find, proseoverbros!

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Back in 2005, before Dwight Schrute became a household name from The Office, Rainn Wilson played a suspicious scientist in an episode of Numb3rs.

Great find, z-unit!

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Dianna Agron (Quinn on Glee) was in an episode of Numb3rs as a suspect’s girlfriend/potential accomplice.

Thanks to scottzvirblis for the tip!