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This Thanksgiving we are thankful for what we can only assume is t0t3zad0rbz's recent decision to watch all of Numb3rs, for it has provided us with a lot of great famous face sightings! Here we have Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother spotted portraying a mathematician, whose daughter has been kidnapped in season 1, episode 6, “Prime Suspect”.

Thanks again, t0t3zad0rbz!

And a big “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of you lovely followers!

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Tumblr favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt is known for his roles in hit movies such as Inception and (500) Days of Summer, his amazing open collaborative production company, hitRECord, and generally being an all around amazing human being, but here he is in a smaller role in an episode of Numbers!

Great find, jofiasco!

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