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Before showing the world her amazing singing/dancing talents in Pitch Perfect, befriending Bella in Twilight, or impressing George Clooney in Up In The Air, Anna Kendrick appeared in the film Camp.

Great find, mllejeune!

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Anyone who has seen Pitch Perfect has undoubtedly fallen in love with not only the movie and the soundtrack, but Skylar Astin as well. So most likely, you’re wondering where you can find more of him or where you may have seen him in the past. Have no fear, I Spy A Famous Face is here! Most recognizably he has appeared in Girls (top), Hamlet 2 (bottom left), House (bottom right), and of course his breakout role in the Broadway hit Spring Awakening! There you have it folks, go watch them all and get your Skylar Astin fix until Pitch Perfect comes out on DVD.

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