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You might know Gina Torres from Firefly or Suits, but how many of you remember her as Emerson’s baby mama in Pushing Daisies?

Maybe this is the wrong place to say this, but I just can’t wait until we can feature her on this blog and credit her with a well-deserved run as Wonder Woman. Just sayin’. 

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Chi McBride, probably best known as Private Investigator Emerson Cod in Pushing Daisies, made a cameo as Craig the prison guard in a season 5 episode of Psych.

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Swoosie Kurtz can be seen these days on Mike & Molly, but you may remember her better as the eyepatch wearing Lily Charles on the unfortunately short lived Pushing Daises. Swoosie’s got a track record of playing truly excellent mother figures — remember when she appeared in LOST as Locke’s mother? Eesh. 

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In London Boulevard you can see Anna Friel (aka Chuck in Pushing Daisies) and David Thewlis (Professor Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise) in very different roles. She’s a nymphomaniac and he’s a suicidal hippie.

They were a real-life couple at the time of the movie’s release, but have since split.

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In a cameo during the second season of TV’s short lived fantasy comedy, Pushing Daisies, David Arquette plays Randy Mann, a taxidermy fan who recently lost his roommate and Best Friend. He is of course best known for his role in the Scream movie franchise and for divorcing Courtney Cox Arquette.

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Chi McBride is best known for his role as Private Investigator Emerson Cod from Pushing Daisies, but more recently he scored the [potentially reoccurring] role of Rod, a construction worker for GNB in the season 6 finale of How I Met Your Mother.

MadTV’s Michael McDonald can be added to the list of guest stars on Pushing Daisies for his appearance as shark owner Galveston Gus in the show’s final episode.

Willie Garson is best known for his roles on Sex and the City and White Collar, but in 2009 he joined the long list of guest stars on Pushing Daisies when he appeared as as Dick Dicker, owner of Dicker’s Department Store. 

Jonathan Mangum can be seen these days performing with the “Whose Line Guys” as part of Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza, but in 2007 he, was one of the first of many famous faces to appear in an episode of the tragically cancelled Pushing Daisies.

Eric Stonestreet can be seen these days on Modern Family, but before he was fabulous gay dad Cameron Tucker, he was the fabulous Leo Burns (Comfort Food Cook-Off Coordinator) in an episode of Pushing Daisies.

Hamish Linklater is best known as Matthew Kimble, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s brother on The New Adventures of Old Christine, but despite his towering height, he also appears in an episode of Pushing Daisies as the supposedly murdered jockey John Joseph Jacobs.

We almost didn’t recognize her under all that makeup, but believe it or not that’s Reno 911's Trudy Wiegel (Kerri Kenney-Silver) as Alexandria, a magician’s assistant in an episode of Pushing Daisies.

Jayma Mays is most recognized for her role as Emma Pillsbury but before becoming the guidance counselor of Glee’s McKinley High, Jayma was born into the life of windmillery on Pushing Daisies.

Joel McHale, most commonly known for hosting The Soup and starring as Jeff Winger on Community (also for his appearances on Will & Grace and Bill Nye), had a one time guest appearance on Pushing Daisies as a murdered dog breeder with four wives. 

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