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Emily Thorne’s backstory just got a little bit more confusing…before joining the cast of Revenge as Amanda Clarke, Margarita Levieva was spotted alongside Jesse Eisenberg as Lisa P. in Adventureland. My, my, my, how will Victoria Grayson react to this one?

Great find, jhelenm!

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You may recognize Gabriel Mann for his current role as Nolan Ross in Revenge (now on Netflix!), but back in 2001 he was Alan M. in Josie and the Pussycats (unfortunately not on Netflix, go buy it!).

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Anyone that has watched Revenge may have spotted Tess Harper, a.k.a Jesse’s mom/Mrs. Pinkman in Breaking Bad, in the episodes “Absolution” and “Grief”. Ironically, she was Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) aunt, who gave him shelter when he was younger, after being kicked out of house by his parents, just like Jesse. Well, except for the drug habit. Everything except the drug habit.

Wonderful find, rhapsoody!

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Years before he appeared on Gossip Girl or Revenge, Connor Paolo played a sadistic young rapist on Law & Order: SVU in 2002.

Wonderful find, amala83!

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It is definitely safe to add Sarah Drew to the long list of celebrities that have been in way too many TV shows. Here is the Grey’s Anatomy actress again, this time in Everwood as Hannah, Chris Pratt’s (bonus!) love interest.

EDIT: And thanks to lchally for pointing out that Everwood also featured Emily VanCamp who is now starring in Revenge

Great find, wordlvr and clementine314!

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