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If you ever feel despondent about your future, just think of this:
  He may be a star on SNL now, but this was Taran Killam 10 years ago.

↳The DCOM Stuck in the Suburbs (2004) turns 10 this year

I thought this was an SNL skit

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You can see Nasim Pedrad being hilarious on Saturday Night Live every week, but one of her first acting credits was as a waitress in a season 6 episode of Gilmore Girls.

Thanks, wabajisik!

We’ve spotted another SNL famous face! Bill Hader appeared as a field agent in an episode of Punk’d, where he pulled a prank on Ashlee Simpson (it’s not what you think, it had nothing to do with her SNL mishap).

OMG! Splendid spot, downeyjred!

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We’ve spotted him a couple times before in a wide variety of shows, but here’s Saturday Night Live's Taran Killam back in 2009 as Jimmy - The Overly Touchy Orderly in a few episodes of Scrubs!

Amazing find, Kylee and socerlord14!

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Before Will Forte (of SNL fame) dressed in drag and went on a sexual walkabout as Jenna’s boyfriend Paul Lastname on 30 Rock, he popped up in a Season 1 episode (Black Tie) of the same show, playing a messenger for Prince Gerhardt Hapsburg. Is Paul leading a double life?! …TWIST!

Clever find, z-unit!

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Long after working as an original cast member on Saturday Night Live, Laraine Newman returned to NBC to play Mrs. Buffay, the mother of Phoebe’s half brother Frank Jr. in the Friends episode “The One with the Bullies.”

Thanks, thegreenhighlighter!

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Current Saturday Night Live cast member Taran Killam began his acting career starring in the mini-series Moody’s Point (a recurring sketch on The Amanda Show that parodied Dawson’s Creek) with Amanda Bynes. 

Thanks, henrydavidthobro!

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Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph is better known for her work in the world of sketch comedy, frequently portraying glamorous divas like Whitney Houston and Beyonce. She’s also currently starring on NBC’s Up All Night as tv show host and lifestyle guru (and glamorous diva) Oprah Ava. But back in 1997 she was no less glamorous (but much less a diva) as an NYPD officer in As Good As It Gets.

Thanks, mr-suttonfoster!

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We could post screen caps for this one but really, everyone has to see this video (if you somehow haven’t already). It’s Jimmy Fallon’s amazing video for his song Idiot Boyfriend but as an added bonus…a blonde Zooey Deschanel plays Jimmy’s girlfriend!

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Steaksauce!Taran Killam, currently seen on SNL played Blauman, one of Barney’s jerk co-workers, on How I Met Your Mother. He first showed up in season 1  episode 17, “Life Among The Gorillas”, and has also appeared in a few other episodes throughout the series.

Awesome submission (and URL), benwyattismysoulmate!

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Amy Poehler, best known for her roles on Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation, played Hilary, the head R.A., in two episodes of Undeclared.

Another great find, iambarelyavapor!

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In what has to be one of the strangest cameos of all time, here is late night funnyman Jimmy Fallon as 2nd Lt. George C Rice in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers.


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Well this one is legendary, wait for it….dary! Most people recognize Will Forte for his many amazing characters on Saturday Night Live but he was also Barney’s koala bear meat loving, “ex-cop” back-up-bro in an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

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