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Before becoming a lawyer at Sacred Heart Hospital (and also part of an amazingly talented a cappella band), Sam Lloyd was also acreepy subway guy, obsessed with Elaine in an episode Seinfeld.

Great find, fantasticmisterwoodrow!

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Guys, Guys, Guys! While most of you were probably thrilled to see Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk show up in tonight’s episode of The Office (top), how many of you spotted Michael Weston (bottom left)?! You may recognize him as Private Brian Dancer (bottom right) from Scrubs.

Thanks Jimbo, this was a team effort!

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From doctor to taxi driver, it’s Marshall Manesh aka Ranjit from How I Met Your Mother working at Sacred Heart in Scrubs alongside guest star Heather Graham

EAAAAAAAGLE for this great find, auraoupa!

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We’ve spotted him a couple times before in a wide variety of shows, but here’s Saturday Night Live's Taran Killam back in 2009 as Jimmy - The Overly Touchy Orderly in a few episodes of Scrubs!

Amazing find, Kylee and socerlord14!

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Ken Jenkins is made for the role of “hard-ass”, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! The actor, who played Dr. Kelso in Scrubs, appears in the 1996 action flick Executive Decision as General Wood alongside a handful of A-listers (and Steven Seagal, so you know this movie’s a winner). Is there an abbreviation for Ensemble Action movie yet?

Thanks for the submission, ivegonetothedogs!

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If you miss Scott Foley as Elliot’s boyfriend, Sean Kelly, on Scrubs (or as Henry Burton in Grey’s Anatomy), you can catch him now as Terry Bellefleur’s old army buddy (and partner-in-crime) Patrick Devins in True Blood.

Nice submission, eastcollins!

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Leslie David Baker currently plays Stanley Hudson on The Office and was also our first post ever here on ISAFF for his role in That 70’s Show! This time however, we’ve spotted him ratting Turk out to Carla for having sexy dreams about Elliot on Scrubs

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Scott Foley, of Felicity, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scrubs fame had a part on Dawson’s Creek early in his career as Cliff Elliot, a star player on the football team. 

Thanks, ashleighbaker08!

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Before landing a job with Pawnee’s Parks Department in Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari worked At Sacred Heart Hospital in four episodes of Scrubs!

Thanks for the submission, seng-a-song!

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Fans of Chuck will recognize Sarah Lancaster as Chuck’s older sister Ellie and fans of the 90s television will recognize her as Rachel from Saved by the Bell, but how many of you remember her for her role as Lisa the Gift Shop Girl in three episodes of Scrubs?

Thanks, thebeginningofpeaceisasmile!

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Another famous voice from The BoondocksJohn C. McGinley, otherwise known as irascible-but-ultimately-lovable Dr. Cox from Scrubs, voiced The White Shadow, a government agent following Huey (who may or may not be real) in a season 1 episode.

Thanks, Xia!

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Depending on how old you are, you either know Phill Lewis for his role as Mr. Moseby on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, or for his recurring appearances on Raising Hope, Scrubs (“Hooch is crazy!”), or The Big C, but if you’re really old (by Tumblr’s standards, anyway), you probably know him as Dennis, the school newspaper editor from Heathers (1988).

Thanks to devonbanks and chasinglilacs who both submitted this one.

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Hey, Michael Jackson cover song. Arrested Development’s Tony Hale wearing a diamond-studded glove where his hook should be and Scrub’s Donald Faison appeared in the video for Fall Out Boy’s cover of “Beat It.

Nice one, bowsic!

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Embeth Davidtz played Miss Honey, everyone’s favorite teacher, in the 1996 movie Matilda. She’s also appeared in the first season of the HBO series In Treatment as a patient in couples therapy, and in an episode of Scrubs as one of Jordan’s friends who JD envisions as a vampire trying to seduce him in one of his many colorful day dreams. 

Thanks for the excellent submisison, cabreezyy!

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Donald Faison (Scrubs) and Fred Willard (who has over 230 acting credits on IMDB) were in the second season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in an episode called “Rumor Mill”. Fred Willard played Bobby Calzone, a sleazy uncle who convinces his nephew Dashiell* (Faison) and Sabrina to spread rumors as charity work.

Great submission, b-obenhaus!

*shoutout to Destiel/Supernatural fans?

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