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This is one of those finds that I’m *pretty* sure most people know about already, but since Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s father blew everyone’s mind when we shared that, here’s another one that y’all might not be aware of. You know Jennifer Morrison for her roles in Once Upon a Time, House, M.D., or maybe even that one season of How I Met Your Mother...but did you know she played Kirk’s mom, Winona Kirk, in the heart wrenching opening sequence of the 2009 Star Trek reboot?

Thanks, whatever-you-do-smile-and-twirl!

Adam Scott plays flawless human being Ben Wyatt, writer of Star Trek fanfiction, on Parks and Recreation, but back in 1996, he had a role that would make Ben Wyatt jealous: conn officer on the USS Defiant in Star Trek: First Contact

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SPOILER ALERT — The trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was released today, raising some big questions about the film like, “Who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing? Is it Khan? I hope it’s Khan. No wait, maybe I don’t. Maybe he’s Gary Mitchell! Ahhh, I don’t know, just tell me who he is already!!!” and, “Did you see the bonus scene in the Japanese trailer? I almost cried!” but the one question we’re sure EVERYONE is wondering about has yet to be asked so we’ll just go ahead and ask it ourselves…is Tyler Perry going to be in this movie too? Tyler Perry’s U.S.S. Enterprise, anyone? Anyone? 

We hope most people already know this one (or maybe we’re just nerds) but in case you were unaware, Chris Hemsworth (Thor/The Avengers, The Cabin in the Woods) played George Kirk, Jim’s father, who was captain of a starship for 12 minutes and saved 800 lives (“I dare you to do better”) in the tearjerking opening scene of the 2009 Star Trek reboot. 

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Jayma Mays and Iqbal Theba are best known for their roles on Glee as Emma Pillsbury and Principal Figgins, respectively. But both actors appeared together in a 2006 film titled Blind Dating, which starred Star Trek actor, Chris Pine

Not Pictured: Stephen TobolowskyGlee's Sandy Ryerson, also appeared in Blind Dating, as Dr. Perkins. 

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Kurtwood Smith, known as the always angry Red Foreman on That 70’s Show, had a brief cameo as the Federation president in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This was his first of three roles in the Star Trek franchise. He would later appear in an episode of Star Trek: DS9 and a two episode arc on Star Trek: Voyager

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One year before her breakout role as Dr. Allison Cameron on House, M.D., Jennifer Morrison, who has since gone on to have roles in Star Trek, Once Upon A Time, How I Met Your Mother, and Warrior, appeared in the skateboard movie Grind which also starred Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Mike Vogel (Pan Am).


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John Cho from Harold and Kumar and Star Trek XI rocked a tough leather jacket when he appeared as a prospective home buyer in Sam Mendes’ American Beauty. 

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You probably know Bob Gunton as the homicidal bible-quoting warden from the Shawshank Redemption, but he also appeared as homicidal Federation-quoting Captain Benjamin Maxwell in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 4 - The Wounded). 

His judgment cometh, and that right soon. Aye, aye Captain!

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It’s hard to place him without the classic Bob Pinciotti fro but this is That 70’s Show's Don Stark as the holodeck character, Nicky the Nose in, Star Trek: First Contact.

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Who has two thumbs and appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation? This guy. It’s Ken Jenkins, Dr. Kelso from Scrubs, as Dr. Stubbs!

Thanks for the submission, lavendernichole!

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Frank Gorshin will be forever remembered in television history as the face of the Riddler in the Adam West/Burt Ward Batman series from the 60’s. But how many of you knew that he also played the very memorable role of Bele (for which he was nominated for an Emmy) in the Star Trek episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”?

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Robert Duncan McNeill (“Tom Paris” from Star Trek: Voyager) appeared in 1987’s Masters of the Universe, based on the popular He-Man cartoon, as boy-next-door teenager Kevin Corrigan.

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A few years before Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced, Paul) stepped into Montgomery Scott’s red shirt on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2009’s Star Trek, he made an appearance in a different science fiction show reboot as The Editor in an episode of Doctor Who.

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Way before John Cho was Harold in Harold and Kumar and Sulu in Star Trek XI, he died and came back as a ghost looking for help from the Halliwell sisters in an early episode of Charmed.

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