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Oh this is adorableMatt Bomer, best known for playing suave conman Neal Caffrey on White Collar and for being criminally underused in Magic Mike, once modeled for the cover of a book about gay youth called Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez. BRB, heading to Amazon and ordering this immediately…

Thanks, thebigbeautiful!

Tim DeKay, most commonly known for his role as Peter Burke in White Collar, can be seen in a few episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine as Christine’s “psycho” boyfriend Patrick.

Splendid submission, dontyoufightit!

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Matt Bomer may now be famous for struttin’ his stuff in Magic Mike, or as former white collar criminal Neal Caffrey in White Collar, but did you spot him as Eric in the Jody Foster movie Flightplan?

Thanks for the submission, jblo41!

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Garret Dillahunt can currently be seen as Burt Chance on the underrated Raising Hope, but you may have also spotted him in an episode of White Collar back in 2009!

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We’ve already spotted Vanessa Ray from Suitsin multiple other roles suchin shows such as Damages and White Collar but she also was recently in the HBO hit Girls as Hannah’s friend from home turned singer, Heather. 

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Willie Garson is known as the sketchy-but-lovable Mozzie on White Collar, but do you remember his appearance as a hospital security guard in a Season 2 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Nice find, shinybigdamnheroes!

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Tim DeKay, who is known for his role as FBI agent Peter Burke in the show White Collar, held a small role as a Secret Service agent in Get Smart before the show began to air on USA Network.  His only scene is after Max (Steve Carel) runs into the symphony and tackles the conductor, and reveals that the bomb is in the piano. So his paycheck was probably pretttttttty big. 

Thanks, literalfiction!

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Before landing the role as FBI agent Peter Burke in White Collar, Tim DeKay played “Bizarro Jerry” in two episodes of Seinfeld. We’re still waiting for him to come out with a version of the Marriage Ref that isn’t terrible.

Thanks for the submission, quirinusriddle!

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Before playing Matt Bomer’s sidekick Mozzie/Dante Haversham/The Cleaner/The Dentist of Detroit on White Collar, and even before playing Stanford in Sex And The CityWillie Garson appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a security guard who was distracted by the very flirtatious Charisma Carpenter.

Thanks for the submission, teppe- and we apologize for the delay!

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We’ve spotted Tim DeKay (White Collar) as Rich Hill on Scrubs, but did you know he was also a corporate budget cutter in an episode of Sports Night back in 2000?

Beautiful submission, z-unit!

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Before Sharif Atkins played FBI Special Agent Clinton Jones on White Collar, he was Iraq War vet Sgt. William Hightower in the two-part season four finale of Criminal Minds.

Thanks for the submission, blindingmorning!

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You may know Adam Goldberg for his small roles in shows/movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Dazed and Confused or Joey. And if you’re anything like us then you definitely remember him as Chandler’s crazy roommate, Eddie, in Friends but here he is looking quite different [check out that mustache!] in an episode of White Collar.

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Vanessa Ray can be seen these days as Jenny on USA’s new hit show Suits but before that, she had two episode role as Maggie ‘Rocker’ Sheldon in another USA hit, White Collar.

[Editor’s Note: We aren’t the only people hoping for a legit White Collar/Suits crossover episode, right?] 

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Kevin Kilner has been seen in so many small roles such as as Peyton’s dad on One Tree Hill, Austin Ames dad in A Cinderella Story, as well as Greek, Cashmere Mafia and the list goes on and on. But more recently he has showed up in episodes of White Collar as Agent Roe.

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Matt Bomer played Eliza Dushku's boyfriend on Tru Calling years before he starred as con-man-turned-FBI-informant on USA’s hit series White Collar

Fun fact: Eliza recently made an appearance on White Collar in the episode titled “On The Fence" and she even kissed Matt. It’s a Tru Calling reunion!

Great submission, twism!

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